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What is the Textbook of Cardiology?
TextbookofCardiology an free online textbook. All content is freely accessible.
What is the goal of TextbookofCardiology?
The goal is to provide unbiased up-to-date freely accessible information about the human cardiovascular system
What is the intended audience?
This website is intended for medical professionals or those training to become a medical professional (students, doctors, nurses).
Who are the people behind TextbookofCardiology?
This Textbook of Cardiology is a project of Cardionetworks Foundation and the Health[e]Foundation. Cardionetworks Foundation is a non-profit that improves access to medical knowledge. Health[e]Foundation provides healthcare workers - around the world - with training programs on communicable and poverty related diseases.
What is the relationship between this website and Wikipedia?
TextbookofCardiology and Wikipedia are completely seperate organisations. Both websites use the same software and share the idea of open access to information.
How can I suggest improvements?
Please use the contact page of the cardionetworks foundation.
Can I use a certain image / animation / video / piece of text in a non-commercial presentation?
Yes, in most cases you can. All material that is made by or for the Cardionetworks foundation is available under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share-Alike license.
Can I trust the information on your site?
Please read our disclaimer.
Do you protect the privacy of the patients whose ECGs / images / cases are presented?
All material on this site is checked so any information that could breech a patients privacy is removed, in accordance to applicable Dutch laws.
What information do you collect from visitors?
Any non-public information you submit to the website, such as email addresses, will never be passed on to any third party, unless required by law. We use Google Analytics to analyse anonymous visitor statistics. So called 'cookies' can be used by the website for statistical purposes or to track your logged in status (only applies when you actually log in). You can unable cookies in your browser software if you like. Please refer to your browser software manual if you would like to do this. This does not affect the use or visibility of the website.
What is the financial source of this project?
This website is financed by the Health[e]Foundation and the Cardionetworks foundation. The foundation is a non-profit charity foundation. The content of all websites maintained by the Cardionetworks foundation is not influenced by sponsors. Current benefactors are summed on the Foundations website. Feel free to contact the foundation if you would like to sponsor or have sponsorship suggestions. We do not allow any advertisements on our sites. We also do not allow sponsors to influence any contents. Any form of advertisement on content pages is not permitted.
How can I contact you?
Please contact the secretary of Cardionetworks for any further questions.

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