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Welcome to the Textbook of Cardiology,
a free resource of knowledge about the heart.
Provided to you by Cardionetoworks Foundation and the Health[e]Foundation

Table of Contents



  • Jonas S.S.G. de Jong, MD, PhD, FESC, OLVG, The Netherlands
  • Fransje van der Waals, MD, PhD, The Netherlands


  • Renée van den Brink, MD PhD, AMC, The Netherlands
  • Alex Crystal, MD, USA
  • Peter Damman, MD, AMC, The Netherlands
  • Ronak Delewi, MD, AMC, The Netherlands
  • James Heilman, MD, CCFP-EM, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Tim van de Hoef, MD, AMC, The Netherlands
  • S. Yen Ho, PhD FRCPath FESC FHEA, Royal Brompton Hospital, UK
  • John Kastelein, MD, PhD, AMC, The Netherlands
  • Wouter Kok, MD, PhD, AMC, The Netherlands
  • Sébastien Krul, MD, AMC, The Netherlands
  • Alice Li, MD, PhD, USA
  • Heather Melrose, Manchester, UK
  • Barbara Mulder, MD, AMC, The Netherlands
  • Ineke Nederend, AMC, The Netherlands
  • Louise Olde Nordkamp, MD, AMC, The Netherlands
  • Annelieke van Riel, MD, AMC, The Netherlands
  • Josien Rozenburg, Msc, The Netherlands
  • Hayang Yang, AMC, The Netherlands
  • Esther Wiegerinck, AMC, The Netherlands
  • Arthur Wilde, MD, PhD, AMC, The Netherlands
  • Janneke Wittekoek, MD, PhD, The Netherlands
  • Pier Woudstra, MD, AMC, The Netherlands


  • Ties van Brussel, Msc, AMC, The Netherlands
  • J.P.M. Hamer, MD, PhD
  • Shayne Morales, The Phillipines


This Textbook of Cardiology is a project of Cardionetworks Foundation and the Health[e]Foundation. Cardionetworks Foundation is a non-profit that improves access to medical knowledge. Health[e]Foundation provides healthcare workers - around the world - with training programs on communicable and poverty related diseases.



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